Explore Korea’s Treasures-December 2017

Pyeongchang Ice Fishing Festival

Pyeongchang will be the host for the 2018 Winter Olympics. However, this county offers much more for visitors to explore and take part in Korean culture. This year’s annual ice fishing festival gives participants an opportunity to explore and enjoy the site of the 2018 Winter Olympics before the large crowds arrive.

The main attraction of the festival is trout fishing. Rent a rod and lure at the festival and fish for trout through a hole cut out of 16 inch thick of ice. If you really want to brave the cold you can test your skill at bare-hand fishing. Enthusiastic fishermen walk into the icy water hoping to catch a delicious trout by hand for lunch.

Anything you catch at the festival can be prepared by chefs on standby at the festival, either processed as sashimi or grilled the traditional way over fire. Don’t worry if you aren’t able to catch a trout, there are plenty of vendors on-site selling fresh fish, snacks, warm drinks, and hot pepper soup for when you need a warm-up.

Visitors to the ice fishing festival can participate in a variety of activities besides ice fishing including sledding, ATV riding, snow rafting, ice cycling, and more. In addition to the many activities, make sure you take the time to visit the intricate snow sculptures. Artists from all over carve large designs out of ice specifically for the festival. Make sure you dress for the cold weather with lots of layers, gloves, boots, and a hat since the majority of the festival is outdoors.

ITT will be heading to the Pyeongchang Ice Fishing Festival on 30 December. For more information on this and other trips, see pages 13-14.

Jeonju City

Jeonju City is a nice day trip from Osan. The city provides a wide variety of activities for people of all ages and interests. One of the main highlights of the city is the Jeonju Hanok Village. Here, visitors have the opportunity to roam the village with more than 700 traditional houses. For a truly unique experience (and the best Instagram photos), you can rent traditional Korean clothing called hanbok to wander the neighborhood.

Weekends in the village bring a flurry of visitors to experience the amazing street food and craft booths. Foodies will love exploring the village’s many street food options. Be sure to fill up on winter seasonal specials like dry persimmon mochi, or indulge in the best of Korean street food like octopus skewers, grilled cheese skewers, and chicken on a stick. For those with a true sweet tooth, try the candyfloss macaroon bingsu.

Looking for a great gift to send to loved ones or an interesting souvenir for yourself? The craft stalls have a plethora of handmade goods that make great gifts. They are famous for their hanji paper, a strong paper made from the bark of mulberry trees that are dyed vibrant colors. Hanji is used for an assortment of goods including lamps, neckties, or wrapping paper.

With your belly full and your feet tired from exploring the village, it’s time to enjoy some makkeolli. Makkeolli is a rice wine that is much thicker than many other liquors – so much that many Koreans consider it a meal itself. Jeonju even has special makkeolli bars that specialize in the liquor and serve sides of food as an afterthought.

Book your trip to Jeonju City with ITT, and you’ll have the opportunity to spend the day exploring the hanok village, then go to an actual makkeolli facility where you can see the art of how it is made and sample makkeolli for yourself.

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