Explore Korea’s Treasures-March 2018

Jinhae Cherry Blossom Festival

Get ready people! The brutal winter is leaving us behind and it is quickly turning to spring in Korea. That means it is cherry blossom season. Head down to the Southeastern port city of Jinhae to catch the beauty of spring at the Cherry Blossom Festival. This festival consistently makes every list of “Most Beautiful Places in Korea to Visit” and for good reason.  Each year millions of people flock to Korea from all over to witness the breathtaking charm of the Korean cherry trees and take part in this festival.

During the festival, the roads of Jinhae are shut down to traffic and vendors line the streets. Spend time wandering the craft and food stalls to find a souvenir and experience cherry blossom flavored foods like ice cream, burgers, and mojitos. They also have many restaurants where you can sit and relax while you enjoy people watching.

Take a stroll down the Yeojwacheon Stream and along the Romance Bridge, surrounded by a plethora of cherry blossoms. This might be the most picturesque place in Korea. The bridge is decorated with umbrellas, lights, and bicycles and in true Korea fashion – it is fun and adorable. While here, be sure to visit Gyeonghwa Station. This defunct train station is another popular spot for gorgeous views of the cherry blossoms and listening to live music. Next, you can walk the ‘One Year Stairs’ (365 total stairs) for brilliant panoramic views of the city and festival.

You can do this trip in one day, but if you aren’t pressed for time it is highly recommended to stay in Jinhae overnight. After dark, the festival lights up and looks completely different than it does during the day.

ITT will be heading to the Cherry Blossom Festival 7-8 April.

Jeju Island

Visiting Jeju Island is a ‘must-do’ while you are in Korea. There are so many activities to suit whatever your desires. There are plenty of things for family fun, romantic adventures with your partner, and ways to get in touch with nature.

Jeju has often been referred to as the ‘Hawaii of Korea’, and it is easy to see why. Once you leave the main hub of Jeju City, the gorgeous lush green landscape is everywhere right up until it meets the beautiful blue water.

Jeju Island is home to the gorgeous Mt. Halla. This mountain is the highest point in South Korea. It offers four hiking trails depending on your skill level, two of which go all the way to the top, where you can see a gorgeous view of the island. If you want an easier but still beautiful hike, visit Seongsan Ilchulbong – also known as ‘Sunrise Peak’. Join the many locals who enjoy climbing this peak early in the morning to witness gorgeous views of the sun coming up over the water.

In addition to great hiking, Jeju offers other natural wonders including gorgeous waterfalls, crystal clear beaches, coastal walking trails, and botanical gardens. Plus it is one of the few places in the world where you can walk through underground lava tubes.

After you have explored the splendid natural wonders of Jeju, stop by one of many fun experiences for the whole family. The O’sulloc Tea Museum is a sprawling green tea plantation, where you can learn everything there is to know about tea and try delicious green tea flavored foods. After the museum, Hello Kitty fans will want to stop by Hello Kitty Island to get a thorough history of the cartoon and her friends.

Jeju Island is truly one of the most beautiful places you can experience in Korea. Visit with ITT, the next trip is 2-4 April.

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