Beat the Heat

Korea has many beautiful rivers, lake, and beaches to help you beat the heat this summer. Learn a bit about some perennial favorites and the ITT and ODR trips that can take you there this June and July.

Caribbean Bay

This is the largest indoor/outdoor water park in not just the country, but the world! Take the kids on a hot day.

  • Everland Amusement Park & Caribbean Bay Water Park (ITT)

         Thursday, 5  July, 0800/1800 & 2300

         Everland: $50, Caribbean Bay: $60, Combo: $70

Cheongpyeong Lake

Cheongpyeong Lake was formed with the construction of Cheongpyeong Dam in the Bukhangang River. It’s located northeast of Seoul, and it’s a popular destination for folks escaping the heat of the city.

  • Water Sports at Bukhan River (ODR)

         Saturday, 16 June, 0630/1700

         $40 (R4R)

         Saturday, 7 & 28 July, 0630/1700


Chungju Lake

This lake was created with the construction of Chungju Dam. Its large size and stunning surroundings make it a peninsula favorite.

  • Gosu Cave & Boat Ride at Chungju Lake (ITT)

         Saturday, 14 July, 0730/1800


Daecheon Beach

This beach is located on the west coast of Korea, southwest of Osan Air Base. It’s famous for its Mud Festival held in July.

  • SUP and Beach Camping (ODR)

         Saturday-Sunday, 9-10 & 23-24 June, 0700/1300

         $85 with SUP, $60 without SUP

  • Daecheon Beach with Zip-Trek at West Coast (ITT)

         Saturday, 30 June, 0730/1800


         Saturday, 28 July, 0730/1800


  • Mud Festival at Daecheon Beach (ITT)

         Saturday, 14 & 21 July, 0700/1930


  • Mud Festival Stand-up Paddle Board & Beach Camping (ODR)

         Saturday-Sunday, 14-15 and 21-22 July 0630/1300

         $115 with SUP, $95 without SUP

Haeundae Beach

Busan’s most popular beach is great for laying out, swimming, and enjoying food and drink.

  • Busan’s Haeundae Beach (ITT)

         Saturday-Sunday, 25-26 August, 0530/1800

         $200/double, $320/single

Jeju Island

This island off the southwest coast of the peninsula is renowned for its natural beauty. The beaches are gorgeous, each with its own appeal.

  • Jeju Island Tour – Beach, Hiking Mt. Halla, & Yacht Ride (ITT)

         Wednesday-Friday, 4-6 July, 0600/1900

         Register by Friday, 15 June

         $500/double, $670/single, $200/child under 10

Naerincheon River

East of Seoul you’ll find the largest river in the country. It’s clear, cool water is a favorite for fishing and rafting.

  • Rafting the Naerincheon River (ODR)

         Saturday, 9, 23, & 30 June

         $35 with lunch, $30 without lunch (R4R)

         Saturday, 14, 21 & 28 July, 0530/1700

         $75 with lunch, $70 without lunch

Nami Island

This tiny island in the middle of the Han River offers biking, restaurants, and walking trails on the interior. Hop on a boat or stick your toes in the river from the beaches and piers on the edges of the island.

  • Nami Island & the Garden of the Morning Calm (ITT)

         Saturday, 23 June, 0700/1800

         Saturday, 28 July, 0700/1800