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Learn to fly! Osan Air Base Aero Club is located at the end of MIG ALLEY AVE in Bldg. 1187 and it is the destination for General Aviation in the Republic of Korea. The Aero Club makes flight possible for those seeking certification and seasoned pilots alike. Visit the friendly folks at the Aero Club to get your feet off the ground!

Becoming a Pilot
Become a pilot at the Aero Club! The Flight Training Center (FTC) provides the Osan community the opportunity to get their Federal Aviation Administration Private Pilot’s License (FAA).

Certified flight instructors are available for flight and ground school. Ground school classes are offered to get you started in your aviation adventure. Classes are held at night and as often as demand requires. Flight training begins with instructors and as student pilots develop the knowledge, skill, experience, and confidence necessary solo training begins. Instructor fees are charged by the hour. All necessary flying aids and study materials are available at the FTC.

Achieve all the necessary requirements to become an FAA Certified Private Pilot at your Osan Aero Club.

For Student Pilots

Private Pilot Requirements
Private Pilot PTS
Pre-Solo Exam
Aero Club Syllabus
Standardized Maneuver Procedures

Hours of Operation

Bldg.1187, 784-4424

"Temporarily Closed for Reorganization"

Now Hiring

Becoming a Member

Are you already an FAA Certified Pilot? Join the Osan Aero Club! Rent one of our Cessna-172s to fly around Korea and enjoy the scenery, show your friends around, or fly cross-country to another airport.

The check out procedures are easy:

• Sign-u p to become a Member

• Provide Pilots’ Certificate and at least an FAA class 3 medical certificate (Military Medicals are not acceptable in the international environment. 14 CFR §61.23.b.9.ii)

• Complete in-house tests

• Review Pilot Information File and latest Safety Meeting

• Complete a flight check.

There is a general initiation fee, plus low monthly dues for all members. If you present a letter of good standing from your prior Aero Club, your initiation fee can be waived. Members are required to attend a monthly safety meeting where topics of interest are discussed and often include guest speakers.

Membership is limited to personnel with access to the BX & Commissary.

Instructors Needed
Are you an FAA Certified Flight Instructor? The Aero Club is always on the lookout for instructors, contact us for details.


Aero Club member checklist
Membership Application AF Form 1710
Covenant Not to Sue AF Form 1585
Credit Card Recurring Payment Authorization