Checkertails is the only place on Osan that you can eat breakfast, lunch, or dinner 24 hours a day! A favorite for breakfast, the diner brings back images of the 1950’s with its chrome and red vinyl seating and its black and white checkerboard floors. Along with a wonderful breakfast menu, Checkertails features all-American choices, as well as popular Korean dishes.

Bada Bing Pizza

Do you have an annoying hunger pain, that shall we say needs to be "whacked"? Well don't be a goomba. Let one of our "associates" deliver the solution to your "problem.” Bada Bing Pizza is for on-base delivery only. Whatsa matter, you don't live on base? Fuhgedabouddit, you can order and we'll deliver to Bella Panini's inside the O' Club where your "family" can stay a while and eat. For youz capos with a membership to the Mustang Brewing Company, you can also have your pizza delivered there.

Hours of Operation

Bldg. 924, 784-1581/5865


Temporarily closed for renovations.
Be sure to visit MiG Alleys Bowling Center & Snack Bar, open 24 hours.

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