McPherson Community Center


The McPherson Community Center provides many programs and activities to keep you busy while stationed at Osan AB!

Services provided by the Community Center include:

  • · Board games (Monopoly, Yahtzee, Sorry, Risk, etc.)

  • · Various game tournaments

  • · Chess club and Pool Tournaments

  • · Instructional classes: Dance, Ballet, Taekwondo, Yoga, English second language, Korean Second language, Art, Piano, 3D printer and Professional Writing

  • · 3 Soundproof music practice rooms with drums, guitars, bass and a piano

  • · 3 conference/classrooms with projectors

  • · FREE morale phone calls

  • · FREE W- FI

Check out our monthly calendar for upcoming events and class schedules!

Hours of Operation

Bldg. 916, 784-3123

Monday-Friday: 0730-1900

Saturdays: 0900-2000

Sundays & Holidays: Closed on holidays

G.I. Bill Pay Service

Phone: 784-9600
Monday-Friday: 0900-1700
Saturdays: 1000-1600
Closed: Sundays & U.S. holidays

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