Updated Schedule of Events & Programs (updated 04/01/2020 12:36 PM)

*Recently updated are in BOLD font.

51 FSS Facility Adjusted Hours:

  1. Starting 9 March:
    Information, Tickets, and Travel (ITT) adjusted hours of operation:
    Monday-Friday, 1000-1400
    Closed Saturday and Sunday
    *Incheon Airport Shuttle service still provided.
    Outdoor Recreation will be closed until further notice.
    Pet Kennels will be appointment only.

Canceled Events/Programming:

  1. King of the ROK Tournament at the MiG Alleys Bowling Center
  2. Osan’s Info Fair & Pyeongtaek City Bus Tour with A&FRC
  3. All Bowling Leagues
  4. Texas Hold’em Enlisted Club
  5. STEAM at the Library
  6. Story Time at the Library
  7. Social Hour
  8. TGIF
  9. Fitness Center Strength and Monthly Challenge
  10. Throwback Party
  11. First Friday
  12. Youth Sports

Canceled Trips:

  1. April ITT Trips/Tours
  2. April ODR Trips
  3. Lotte 4D Cinema/Mall Excursion with A&FRC
  4. 4/9 Excursion with A&FRC
  5. Namdaemun Market with A&FRC
  6. Adventure in Dining with A&FRC

51 FSS Canceled Classes:

  1. Child & Youth Program Classes:
    Taekwondo at the Mustang Center
    Ballet Classes at the Mustang Center
    Hapkido Classes at the Mustang Center
  2. All Mustang Community Center Classes are suspended until further notice.
  3. First Step Hangul with A&FRC
  4. Cooking classes with A&FRC
  5. Let’s Talk Korean with A&FRC
  6. Refit and Yoga Fitness Center Classes

Airmen & Family Readiness Center

Monday: 0900-1300
Tuesday: 0900-1300
Wednesday: 0900-1300
Thursday: 0900-1300
Friday: 0900-1300

Canceled until further notice: 
First Step Hangul
Lotte 4D Cinema/Mall Excursion
Cooking classes
Let’s Talk Korean
Adventure in Dining
Namdaemun Market
4/9 Excursion

Education & Training, Testing Section

Monday: Appointments Only- 0900-1500
Tuesday: Walk-Ins- 0900-1400
Wednesday: Testing Appointments Only
Thursday: Walk-ins- 0900-1400
Friday: Appointments Only- 0900-1500

Fitness Center

Monday-Friday: 0500-2000 | manned access 
Monday-Friday: 2000-0500 | unmanned access
Saturday: 0800-1700 | manned access 
Saturday-Monday: 1700-0500 | unmanned access

*Prior registration is required for 24-hour Fitness Center access during unmanned periods. 
If you are not registered by 31 March 2020, call DSN 784-9202/6196 Monday-Friday from 0800-1100 & 1300-1700 to gain access.  

Canceled until further notice: 
Intramural Sports 
Monthly Challenges 
Strength Challenges 
Batting Cages
Equipment Check-out 

Still ongoing: 
PTL-B/UFPM Training 
CPR Training 
Group Exercise Classes
Personal Training and Martial Arts
-Limited timeframes to collect payment
Monday-Friday 0800-1000 & 1600-1700

Highly limited and dependent on volunteer support: 
Fun Run-11 & 25 April  
Crossfit Showdown-18 April 

Post Office

Mailing Services Window
Monday–Friday: 1100-1700
Saturday: 1000-1500
Sunday: Closed 
Official/Registered Mail
Monday-Friday: 0830-1400
Saturday-Sunday: Closed
Package Pick-Up
Monday-Friday: 1100-1700
Saturday: 1000-1500
Sunday: Closed:
Customer Service
Monday–Friday: 1100-1700
Saturday-Sunday: Closed

Military Dining Facilities

Gingko Tree
Breakfast: 0500-0800
Lunch: 1100-1330
Dinner: 1630-1900
Midnight Meal: 2300-0100 

PAC House
Breakfast: 0500-0800
Lunch: 1100-1330
Dinner: 1630-1900

Back of the Hangar
Lunch: 1100-1330
Dinner: 1630-1900
Midnight Meal: 2300-0100 
Weekends: Closed