Holiday Party

Family Holiday Party

Friday, 6 December, Doors Open at 1700-2000
Officers’ Club

Tree Lighting

Friday, 6 December, 1630
Base Theater Plaza

Join us for Team Osan’s annual tree lighting ceremony, complimentary hot chocolate, cookies, and a visit from Santa.

Santa Belly Bust: Each player will be given a large balloon to put under their shirt. With no hands, players must try to bust their “bellies”. The first to bust their belly wins! (Ten Players)

Jingle in the Trunk:  Players will tie an empty box filled with fifteen jingle bells around their backside. With no use of their hands, players have one minute to empty their box or shake out as many bells as they can. The player with the least bells or the player that empties their box first wins! (Ten Players)

Decorate the Elf: This game requires a team of three, with one being the elf. Teams will have one minute to decorate their “elf”. At the end, the crowd will decide which team has the best elf. The team with the best elf wins!. (5 teams)