Professional Development

Professional Development Center

Monday-Friday: 0730-1630

Career Assistance Advisor (CAA) Briefings

Please email with questions
Bldg. 788, Room 14
Monday-Friday: 0730-1630
DSN: 784-9155

First Term Airman’s Course (FTAC)
Monday-Friday, 11-15 February
Monday-Friday, 25 February – 1 March
Day-1 0800, times vary throughout week
Attendance is required within 30 days of arrival at Osan.
Schedule your appointment on the CAA SharePoint site.

Informed Decision Briefing
Thursday, 7 February, 0745-1200
First and second term airmen within 12-15 months from separation are provided with career options for themselves and their families. Schedule your appointment on the CAA SharePoint site.

Wednesday-Friday, 20-23 February
This seminar is designed to augment (not replace) information taught in basic military training, technical training, ancillary training, airmen leadership school, job experience, and Air Force Handbook 1. This course is for those NCOs who have completed airman leadership school, but who have not yet attended the NCO Academy. Schedule your appointment on the CAA SharePoint site.

* To register and find other courses and briefings please visit the CAA SharePoint page at: 

Education, Training, & Testing

Email:, Bldg. 789
Monday-Friday: 0900-1500
DSN: 784-4220

Tuition Assistance (TA)
AFVEC will not accept TA requests submitted less than seven days prior to term start date or submitted without a degree plan on file. TA requests not approved by supervisors by term start date are automatically deleted by AFVEC. 

TA Brief
Tuesdays, 0800 or Thursdays, 1500, Bldg. 788, Room 26
Required for first time users of Tuition Assistance and for members flagged in AFVEC as requiring follow-up counseling. No sign-up needed. 

Quarterly TAP Accessing Higher Education Workshop
Tuesday, 19 March, 0900-1600, Bldg. 787, Room 7
Members must complete the TAP seminar before this workshop. Schedule the appointment for this briefing with the Education Center.

Quarterly Commissioning Briefing
Tuesday, 28 March, 0900-1100, Bldg. 787, ALS Auditorium
An overview of Air Force enlisted commissioning programs. A panel of officers will also answer questions and describe their personal commissioning experiences. No sign-up needed.

DANTES National Test Center
Schedule appointments online on the UMUC Osan NTC site for CLEP/DSST/Distance Learning/ Comp Tia Certification & other Non-Military Testing. Call 784-9154 or 784-5806 or email: