Organizations How To Fundraise On Base Applications


Private organizations and unofficial activities/organizations may request occasional sales for fundraising purposes, e.g., bake sales, dances, car washes or similar occasional functions with approval from the 51st Force Support Squadron. “Occasional” is defined as not more than two (2) fundraising events per calendar quarter. Private organizations and unofficial activities/organizations must not engage in activities that duplicate or compete with AAFES or 51st Force Support Squadron activities, and fundraisers cannot include the sale of alcoholic beverages. Private organizations may not conduct games of chance, lotteries, raffles or other gambling-type activities except as provided in AFI 34-223, paragraph 10.16, Private Organization Program. Gifts and donations may be accepted by the organization, but they may not be solicited for on base.

Anyone interested in conducting a fundraiser must submit an Official Request for Approval for Fundraising Activity to 51 FSS/FSR, Bldg. 937, 2nd Floor, Resource Management Flight, at least three weeks in advance of the event. All fundraiser requests are staffed for review of legal sufficiency and recommendation through the installation Staff Judge Advocate. Be aware that AFI 36-3101, Table 1, Fundraising Within the Air Force, sets forth rules for conducting fundraisers throughout the year and includes special rules for fundraising during the Combined Federal Campaign (CFC), which runs from October 17th through December 15th at Osan. Only fundraisers conducted off the job, away from the workplace and solely for internal benefit, i.e., DoD personnel and family members, are authorized during CFC.

The 51st FSS/FSR is the approval authority for conducting fundraising on base.

Once a fundraiser has been reviewed and approved, FSS issues a license to the requester to conduct the fundraiser. Please call 784-8474 or 784-4313 if you have any questions and/or to request a fundraiser request document sample.

Organizations may call 784-8474 to reserve the Main Gate parking lot for an event at any time. If you desire a specific date/location, 51 FSS conducts a general lottery on the first duty day of the month in Bldg. 937’s Conference Room at 0800 for the next month’s available dates. For example, on 1 May, the lottery will be for the month of June. The Main Gate food booth is available for fundraisers. The rental fee is $25 and the refundable cleaning deposit is $25. A six foot charcoal grill is available if needed for an additional $25. Fundraiser requests must be approved prior to making a reservation. For more details, call Outdoor Recreation at 784-4007.

To assist your organization and answer basic question you may use THIS HANDBOOK. It contains general information on private organizations, sample letters, sample constitution, sample financial documents and audit requirements. If you have additional questions, refer to AFI 34-223 or call 784-8474 for additional guidance.