Sleigh All Nignt

Sunday, 24 December, 2000-0300
Mustang Center, The End Zone

‘Twas a slaying good night, when all through the base
Not a creature was quiet, it was a bumping good place;
The stockings were filled of prizes with care,
In hopes that I’d win… or a friend who would share.

When out from the ‘Stang, arose such a clatter
A live band had set up and free food on a platter
Away to the End Zone with a leap and a bound,
Time to grab my crew, all those around.

On my way there, I look up to the sky,
In that moment thinking ‘Man, I look pretty fly.’
The room is aglow, oh what a sight.
Happy partying to all, and to all slay the night!

For more information, call Mustang Center at 784-3123