Sunday Brunch

Officers’ Club

Adults: $17.99
Ages 7-12: $7.99
Ages 0-6: Free

Adults: $19.99
Ages 7-12: $8.99
Ages 0-6: Free

Enjoy a full brunch buffet with your choice of omelets, waffles, pastries, carving station, seafood, salad, and a dessert station. 

For more information, call the Officers’ Club at 784-5530

Mustang Community Center Classes

Violin Lessons
Mondays, 1630-2000 / Wednesdays, 1630-1800
Fridays, 1000-1400 (Adults only) & 1500-1800
Cost: $30/lesson or $120/four lessons (30 min) (Beginner)
$40/lesson or $150/four lessons (40 min) (Intermediate)
Violin must be provided by student, ages 4+
McPherson Bldg. 916

Knitting Class
Tuesdays, 1030-1200
Cost: $65/month
Advanced sign-up required; does not include supplies;
adults only
Mustang Center Classroom

Candle Crafting Class
Wednesdays, 1000-1230
Cost: $150/four lessons (150 minutes)
(Does not include supplies; $250 for supplies and book)
* Monthly sign ups required at the beginning of the month
Mustang Center Classroom

Learn beginner to intermediate English language.
Beginner: Tuesdays, 1700-1750 or Saturdays, 1530-1620
Intermediate: Tuesdays, 1800-1850 or Saturdays, 1630-1720
Cost: $80/four classes (50 min)  * Adults only
Mustang Center Classroom