Mustang Community Center Classes

Violin Lessons
Mondays, 1630-2000 / Wednesdays, 1630-1800
Fridays, 1000-1400 (Adults only) & 1500-1800
Cost: $30/lesson or $120/four lessons (30 min) (Beginner)
$40/lesson or $150/four lessons (40 min) (Intermediate)
Violin must be provided by student, ages 4+
McPherson Bldg. 916

Knitting Class
Tuesdays, 1030-1200
Cost: $65/month
Advanced sign-up required; does not include supplies;
adults only
Mustang Center Classroom

Candle Crafting Class
Wednesdays, 1000-1230
Cost: $150/four lessons (150 minutes)
(Does not include supplies; $250 for supplies and book)
* Monthly sign ups required at the beginning of the month
Mustang Center Classroom

Learn beginner to intermediate English language.
Beginner: Tuesdays, 1700-1750 or Saturdays, 1530-1620
Intermediate: Tuesdays, 1800-1850 or Saturdays, 1630-1720
Cost: $80/four classes (50 min)  * Adults only
Mustang Center Classroom

October and November Birthday Meal

This month’s Gingko Tree Dining Facility birthday meal is scheduled for Thursday, 18 October 2018 with the event starting at 1745 hrs.

*Please note this month’s birthday meal is for October and November Birthdays*

Honorees please sign up via the e-invite link provided below.  For those individuals that cannot access the link, there will be a sign-up roster located in the Gingko Tree  Dining Facility; it is located on the table next to the self-serve fruit bar. If you have further questions, please contact A1C Marlon J. Payumo (

Use the link below to sign up.

Please sign up by 17 October.

WHAT:   October and November Birthday Meal

WHEN:  Thursday,18 October 2018

TIME:  Event starts at 1745 hrs
Meal service will begin at 1815 hrs

VENUE:  Gingko Tree Dining Facility, Upper Dining Room Area

POC:  A1C Marlon J. Payumo

Please contact the Gingko Tree Dining Facility for more information.