Private Organizations

What is a Private Organization or Unofficial Activity?

  • Squadron Booster Clubs
  • Unit Advisory Committees
  • Spouses clubs
  • Professional Groups/Organizations
  • Special Interest Groups
  • Coffee / Snack / Flower Funds
  • Sunshine Funds
  • Small Operations

The above are common examples of Private Organizations (PO) or Unofficial Activities (UA). AFI 34-223 refers to these groups as “self-sustaining special interest groups, set up by people acting exclusively outside the scope of any official capacity as officers, employees, or agents of the Federal Government. They operate on Air Force installations with the written consent of the installation commander… POs are not Federal entities and are not to be treated as such. Non-Federal entities are not entitled to DoD support.”

Unofficial Activities are small operations (snack, flower, sunshine funds, etc.) are generally not considered POs but are still required to follow the same rules as a PO, including submitting a UA request memo to be kept on file at the 51 Forces Support Squadron Resource Management office (51 FSS/FSR). “However, if their current assets (which include cash, inventories, receivables, and investments) exceed a monthly average of $1,000 over a 3-month period, the activity/organization must become a PO, discontinue on-base operations, or reduce its current assets below the $1,000 threshold.”

POs and UAs are private and not an official Air Force activity. Per AFI34-223, Paragraph 11.1.3 “The use of Government equipment and systems for other than official purposes is extremely limited. Government systems (daily bulletin boards and or electronic public folders) may be used to provide notice of unofficial off-installation fundraising campaigns and volunteer requests if approved by the Installation Commander. In no event should official email, mail, computers, copiers, BITS, etc., be used to provide notice of these type of activities.”

To establish a PO, the Installation Commander must authorize the operation. POs are required to submit all documentation to the Private Organization Monitor at for establishment and annual review requests.

Required Documentation

• Constitution & By-Laws (update every 2 years)
• Insurance Waiver Request or Copy of Liability Insurance Policy (required yearly)
• Liability Acknowledgement signed by all of the members (yearly)
• The Current Meeting Minutes (yearly)
• The Current Officers List (when changes or yearly)
   • Income and expense financial statement and budget statement (yearly)

*POs are required to e-mail all correspondence to the Private Organization Monitor at 51

51 FSS Resource Management
Business Hours: Monday–Friday, 0800-1200

Please read the following carefully before submitting your request forms.

* PO Document Templates
Constitution & Bylaws
Insurance Waiver Request
Insurance Waiver Acknowledgement
Unofficial Activity Letter

*Fundraiser Request
Fundraiser Request Process
Fundraiser Request Form – Normal Event
Fundraiser Request Form – Liberty Fest, Airshow
Food Sale Request Form (Only for Food Handling)

*Supporting Documents
PO Guidance
PO Slide
PACAF A1 PO waiver

*PO Regulations
AFI 34-223
AFI 36-3101
DoD 5500.7-R
102002e DoDd