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Coaching Youth Sports is a great way to make a positive impact on Team Osan, enhance athleticism in the youth, earn volunteer hours, and receive an LOA for your commitment!

– Complete Coach/Volunteer Application & DD 2981
– Complete CPR certification training & the NAYS Coach Clinic (provided by Youth Sports)
– Be 18 years or older

Coaches are eligible to volunteer for multiple seasons throughout the year.

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Parents Info

For more information about AF Camps contact

Ms. Teresa Witschen – or 210-395-7514
Mr. James Yracheta, or 210-395-7252
Mr. Kevin Hansen, or 210-3957248
Ms. Mona Hamilton, or 210-395-7725

Sports Camp additional information is available at:

For more information, contact the Osan Youth Programs at 784-1492 or 784-4668